Integrale Consulting is a 35 year experienced company highly recognized for the services provided to the automotive industry, very especially to Ford Motor Company PTO Europe where many managers from P.D. & Manufacturing areas in Dunton, DEP, BEP, Craiova, Russia and China are the best witnesses of the reliability and outstanding performance of this company.
IC capabilities cover from simple inspections through engineering changes monitoring to the most complex repairs in engines, vehicle components and vehicles on wheels, including coaching the suppliers to achieve the best quality levels and finding the root cause while containing the issues. Program launches are part of our capabilities as well.
To perform all the actions described above, IC counts with all required technical and human resources (from skilled inspectors to Phd. Engineers, and from screwdrivers to own-developed machine vision systems)
“Stretching the boundaries of what can be achieved is a preoccupation that drives us. For us, it means on-going innovation, enabling us to deliver ever better, ever more capable…"(services, systems, designs, etc.)


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